method statement for asphalt work

Description of Works The asphalt work method statement defines the responsibilities, execution procedure, quality aspect, safety factors, and mandatory documents for the activity. This asphalt paving describes the sequences and methodology for construction of 60 mm Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) asphalt wearing course. The asphalt work mentioned in this methodContinue Reading

redline drawings vs as builts

What are Redlines? Redlines are original drawings that have been redlined to reflect modifications that have been made. When new project is implemented, the construction team uses specifications and various plans to guide them in building the project. Due to variations, errors, and revisions, changes happen during the process ofContinue Reading

air handling unit

An air handling unit is also known as the AHU, is a collection of parts that are housed in huge, easily accessible boxes, also known as modules that keep the proper airflow requirements for purifying and regenerating the indoor air inside a building or other premises. They are typically erectedContinue Reading


What is air curtain? An air curtain (also known as an air door, air barrier, or air screen) is a fan-powered device that makes an air barrier invisible over the doorway, separating two distinct environments, while not restricting access for individuals or vehicles. The energy-savings air screen cuts the costsContinue Reading

method statement for fiber optic cable installation

1. Purpose The method statement for fiber optic cable defines the planning, site preparation, and installation of exterior underground fiber optic cables, fitting accessories, and utility structures. Installations will be located as shown on the approved construction drawings and as detailed in the applicable specifications. 2. Scope This method statementContinue Reading

free software HVAC design and calculation software

What is Hvac-Calc 4.0? Hvac-Calc 4.0 – HVAC design software free download. You can calculate the heat loss of HVAC By HVAC-Calc Commercial 4.0. It is a single zone program for calculating heat gain and loss for commercial buildings and with various complex design features. You can just do calculationsContinue Reading

structural foundations

What are Structural Foundations? Structural Types of Foundations 1. Shallow Foundation 2. Deep Foundation What are Structural Foundations? Structural foundations are the part of the building that transfers its full weight into the soil. They support the columns and walls that transmit the structure’s weight. Importantly, structural foundations are anContinue Reading

method statement for irrigation system

1. Description of Works This Method Statement for Irrigation defines the general procedure implemented for the installation of the irrigation systems as per project specifications, quality, health, safety, and environment requirements. 1.1. Introduction This method statement for irrigation system shall be followed for construction of any particular irrigation installations includingContinue Reading


I. Description This method statement for scaffolding installation defines the sequence and describes the HSE & quality control procedures to be followed for the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding. What will be implemented here is the cuplock scaffolding type which is a multifunctional modular steel pipe scaffolding system. AContinue Reading

method statement for HDPE pipe

I. Description of Works The method statement for HDPE pipe installation defines the steps to be followed in order to ensure that pipelinewelding, laying, and associated works are performed as per project specifications, HSE, and quality requirements. HDPE pipes are commonly used for many different purposes including water supply forContinue Reading