method statement for non-shrink grouting

This method statement for non-shrink grouting defines the work techniques, guidelines, as well as safety and quality standards for the use of non-shrink grout for applicable areas. Scope All grouting applications are covered under the scope of work for this procedure for the following area of applications:Base platesMachine bases, base-platesContinue Reading

Portland Cement Concrete Rigid Pavement PCCP Method Statement

Scope The Portland Cement Concrete Rigid Pavement-PCCP Method Statement shall consist of the following: construction of unreinforced, dowel jointed, plain cement concrete pavement following specifications, quality, and in accordance with the lines, grades, and cross-sections shown on the approved drawings. Plant and equipment, materials, and labor shall be furnished, andContinue Reading

method statement for MICC cables

Purpose This method statement for MICC cables describes the installation as per project specifications, regulations in a safe manner to an approved and controlled methodology. The Job Hazard analysis in the appendix identifies the hazards and the safe systems of work to be followed when conducting the activity. Scope TheContinue Reading

method statement for asphalt work

I-Scope of Work The asphalt work method statement defines the responsibilities, execution procedure, quality aspect, safety factors, and mandatory documents for the activity. This asphalt paving describes the sequences and methodology for the construction of 60 mm Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) asphalt wearing course. This asphalt paving method statement isContinue Reading

redline drawings vs as builts

What are Redlines? Redlines are original drawings that have been redlined to reflect modifications that have been made. These are usually manually incorporated into the design drawings and mark changes by hand. When a new project is implemented, the construction team uses specifications and various plans to guide them inContinue Reading

formwork method statement

Scope Method Statement for Formwork defines the installation of formwork and the controls that must be performed during assembly, erection, and final positioning of shutters for structural concrete activity. References Project SpecificationsFormwork SystemApproved Shop DrawingsMaterial ApprovalLifting Plan & ProcedureHSE Plan-Health, Safety & Environment PlanProject Quality PlanBS 8666: 2020 Tools TotalContinue Reading

air handling unit

An air handling unit is also known as the AHU, is a collection of parts that are housed in huge, easily accessible boxes, also known as modules that keep the proper airflow requirements for purifying and regenerating the indoor air inside a building or other premises. They are typically erectedContinue Reading


What is air curtain? An air curtain (also known as an air door, air barrier, or air screen) is a fan-powered device that makes an air barrier invisible over the doorway, separating two distinct environments, while not restricting access for individuals or vehicles. The energy-savings air screen cuts the costsContinue Reading