What are Method Statement in Construction Industry and Flowchart & Guide on How to Write the Procedure? with [Infographic]

what is method statement flowchart

What is Method Statement in Construction Industry?

A method statement is the written document on how the particular activity or process will be undertaken detailing the step by step procedures and safety system of works. Risk and necessary remedial measures to be carried out should be elaborated to protect the site workforce and members of the public that may be affected during the course of the activity. In construction industry where the project is being managed by consultants or client’s representative, the preparation of method statement should be referred from the approved specifications of the project. Approved project materials should be utilized in the execution of the work and should be specified in the method statement.

What are the fundamental sections included in the Method Statement?

The method statement document is usually provided by the main contractor to the consultant or client’s representative for approval prior to implementation. There is no generic format for the contents of the method statement since every work is different and specific only on the particular activity. Nonetheless, every method statement should include the fundamental sections of the submittal. However, in adherence to the ISO standards of the project and QA fulfillment of the documentation system, an approved form should be used in the submission process of the method statement.

Following are the minimum and fundamental sections included in the method statement:

1. Name of Project/Project Information
The name of the project undertaken.
2. Project Details
The name of the company that is undertaking the project.
Description of the nature of the work that is to be undertaken.
The number of key personnel and workers who will be involved in the activity
The list and description of the personnel who will be involved in the activity
The persons responsible for health and safety
3. Title of the Method Statement
This section includes the steps on how the activity has to be carried out taking into consideration also the specific hazards.
The place of the specific activity should also be identified in the method statement and whether the area requires isolation or affecting any neighboring site activity.
4. Risk Assessments 
This includes any risk assessments, site-specific health, hazard, environment and safety issues which are identifiable in the specific method statement.
Intended emergency procedures should be provided with detailed procedures which should also be added to the method statement documents.
5. Tools, Equipment & Plant
This includes the list of tools, equipment, and plant if applicable to be used in the execution of the work.
6. Materials to be used
This includes the approved materials to be used in the execution of the work.
7. Personnel Involve
This section includes all the pertinent personnel involve and their respective duty and responsibility in the execution of the activity.
8. Drawings/Sketches
This includes drawings that can illustratively convey the work or activity to the personnel involved where necessary.
9. Inspection and Test Plan (ITP)
As part of QA/QC procedure, this section of method statement deals with how the activity will be monitored and evaluated.
This includes the inspection and test to be conducted during the progress of the activity. Usually, the ITP is being prepared by the competent person which in turn submitted to the consultant or client’s representative for review and approval prior to project’s implementation. During the course of the activity, inspection/test should be conducted and witnessed by the consultant whenever the stage of activity calls for it as defined in the ITP presented in the method statement.
10. Approved Submittals, References, Codes and Standards
This includes the attachment of the applicable approved related submittals from the project, references, codes, and standards.

Flowchart for Method Statement Procedure of Construction Projects

Flowchart for Method Statement Procedure of Construction Projects

Another Example of How to Prepare Method Statement as shown in Infographic as detailed in www.hsdirect.co.uk

The Method Statement shown in the infographic can also be prepared with the structures broken down into sections. Specifically, relevant pieces of information are being included in the preparation process.

Method Statement www.hsdirect.co.ukStructured Method Statement (Infographic) from www.hsdirect.co.uk

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