Flowchart for Document Controls in Construction Project


Infographic presentation of the flowchart of document controls in construction project

This simple presentation thru infographic of how the document control is being implemented in the Construction project. This procedure is part of QA documentation in fulfilling the project requirements.

Distribution and document control procedure in the construction project

Any report, record, drawing, design calculation, mom, signature sheets, etc. which is developed or agreed to the successful completion and handing over of the project will be considered a document.
All the documents which require official communication between the Main contractor, designer, Project Management Team, Supervising Consultant, Client, manufacturer etc.  shall be controlled by Document Controller. The document will be stamped as “MASTER”, “CONTROLLED” and “ISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTION” with appropriate control number as per distribution matrix before releasing.
Document not in use will be marked as “SUPERSEDED” or “NOT IN USE” or “REJECTED” by Document Controller.

When a document is blank or does not have any data is considered as a format – used to fill the data/information.
All the formats used or required to be used /developed will be under the control of QA Department. QA Department will issue “Control Number” to each format. Example: “PRJ-F01-Rev.0-May-18” at the footer of each format.
No format shall be updated without prior information to QA Department.
No format without control number shall be used on the project.
All the records for construction/quality control shall be recorded in the controlled format only.

All documents will be electronically submitted/ received to/from the stakeholders through Document Control Management Software/System such as ACONEX software which later to is synchronized with BIM program.

Any document signed by the authorized person shall be considered as “RECORD”.
All the construction record shall be the responsibility of Construction Manager and QC record shall be the responsibility of respective QC Engineer.

To ensure that latest revision of the documents is available at the relevant location is the responsibility of Document Control Department and to ensure that only latest documents are used as the reference is the responsibility of division manager or team leader.

Control of Quality Records

The result of QA/QC activities listed in Project Quality Plan shall be documented to ensure that the products comply with the project specifications and contractual requirements and the prescribed activities have been carried out.
Quality records provide necessary information for traceability, troubleshooting and long-term improvement in product quality and quality assurance system.

Filing, Archiving, and Security

  • Lists of records are to be prepared and maintained.
  • The retention time of the data, as well as the type (hard/soft copy), shall be identified and established.
  • Document controller ensures all records of processes, reviews, and action reports which are legible filed properly and easily retrievable.
  • Document controller shall update the Records Master list/tracking Register and Document Register periodically.
  • Document controller shall dispose of any documents by removing (shredding/burning when required) all records after the retention time as requirements.
flowchart of document control in construction project (Infographic)
Flowchart of document control in construction project (Infographic)                               Legends: Code A – Approved, Code B – Approved with Comments, Code C – Revise and Resubmit


Document controller other various functions and job descriptions in Construction project

  • Management System
    Raise suggestion to improve the system of working
    Follow the relevant procedure of the ISO or company’s QHSE procedure or the department’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

  • Contracts
    Receive all the contract documents and Issued for Construction(IFC) document i.e.

    1. Contract
    2. Conditions of contract.
    3. Post contract correspondences, Contractors final offer letter which is part of the contract.
    4. Contract Specifications/ IFC Specification
    5. Contract Drawings/ IFC drawings
    6. BOQ
    7. Building Information Models (BIM)

    Ensure that the Contract drawings and the further drawings like Authority Approved/Stamped drawings and document, Building Permit drawings, Issued-For-Construction (IFC) issued by the consultant/engineer are:

    1. Logged in the excel Logs
    2. Placed in the correct folders in the Network drive of the Server of the company
    3. Uploaded in Aconex or other Web-based document management system if required
    4. Transmitted to all relevant staff, subcontractors

    Distribute the contract documents, issued for construction (IFC) documents to all the staff as per the document distribution Matrix.
    Check the list of the above drawings as transmitted by the consultant with the actual drawings transmitted in CAD and pdf formats including Revision numbers and raise RFI if required.

  • Technical
    Communicate with the document controller of the consultant/ project management consultant/ Employers representative/ Subcontractors.
    Communicate all the documentation requirements of the projects to the subcontractors
    For submittal by the main contractor, prepare the cover pages for the submittal/ transmittal to submit to the consultant and ensure the “received stamp” from the consultants
    For submittal by the sub-contractor after the preliminary checking receives the document, log it into the excel log and then forward to the main contractor’s engineers for checking and approval
    Transmit to the consultant the submittals through Electronic Document Management Systems i.e. Aconex if required for the project
    Prepare and enter all the submittal into the excel logs when received from subcontractors, submitted to the consultants, update logs when the submittals are returned by the consultant and as required:

    1. Prequalification Submittals
    2. Material submittals
    3. Shop Drawings
    4. Methods statement
    5. Request for information
    6. Site Instruction
    7. As-Built-Drawings

    Save all the submittal received from internal staff, subcontractors, transmitted to the consultant and received back from the consultant with comments in the correct network folder
    Distribute the commented submittal to the staff as per the document distribution matrix
    For all submittals submitted by the subcontractors transmit the comments received from the consultant to the subcontractors
    Prepare the weekly, monthly reports in form of pie charts, bar charts, key performance indicators, Summary reports etc.  of the Submittals, a forward to the Project manager, Planning managers and other staff as required

  • HSE, QA/QC
    Receive the following from the main contractor’s staff and subcontractors staff:

    1. Work Inspection Request (WIR)
    2. Materials Inspection Request (MIR)
    3. Site Observation Report (SOR)
    4. Nonconformity Report (NCR)
    5. Accident / Incident Reports

    Log the request into the Excel logs
    Forward the above request to the consultants through Electronic document management system if required for the project (WIR), (MIR)
    Logs the reply to the above request by the main contractor from the consultant and forward to the QA/QC, HSE manager or Engineer as required

Role of QA/QC Department in document control procedure at the construction project

  • Establish and operate the Document Control System
  • Function as the document owner for the Document Control policies, processes, and procedures
  • Participate in the controlled document review and approval process
  • Establish and manage a system and procedures for managing controlled documents throughout the document lifecycle
  • Maintain the quality record for the document control system in accordance with Record Management or ISO


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