Project Quality Plan [Template]

The Project Quality Plan (PQP) is a written plan which serves as the basis for the overall Project Quality Assurance System and identifies the Quality requirements, methods to achieve Project Quality objectives & continual improvements during the execution of a specific construction project.

This is different from a Company Quality Manual, which explains the quality policies and procedures in general, but not with information specific to each project.

The Project Quality Plan addresses the management of quality assurance activities such as the following:
1.0 Management Review Procedure
2.0 Internal & External Audit
3.0 Planning & Scheduling procedure
4.0 Project Progress Reporting Procedure
5.0 Pre-qualification Documents
6.0 Nonconformance Procedure/Control of Nonconformities
7.0 Document & Data Control procedure /Control of documents & data’s, receipts, correspondences, drawings, control of quality records.
8.0 Procurement Procedure
9.0 Material Control Procedure
10.0 Control of Inspection, Measurement & Testing Services
11.0 Laboratory & Sampling Procedure
12.0 Procedure for the Management of change
13.0 Corrective & Preventive Action Procedure
14.0 Design Measurement & Control Procedure


A sample of Project Quality Plan [Template]


1. Project Director (Name of Company Here) PD
2. Manager (QA / QC) (Name of Company Here) QAR
3. Technical Manager (Name of Company Here) TM
4. Construction Manager (Name of Company Here) CM
5. M.E.P.- Construction Manager (Name of Company Here) MEP.CM
6. Planning Engineer (Name of Company Here) PEE
7. QA/QC Engineer (Site) (Name of Company Here) QA/QC (Site)
8. Head (Construction) (Name of Company Here) EVP/P & C


1. Project Director (Name of Company Here) PD
2. Technical Manager (Name of Company Here) TM
3. Construction Manager (Name of Company Here) CM
4. QA/QC Engineer (Site) (Name of Company Here) QA/QC (Site)
5. Manager QA/QC (Name of Company Here) QAR
6. Project Engineer (Name of Company Here) PE
7. Site Engineer (Name of Company Here) SE


 QM-QAD / G1 Cover Page  01 1
 QM-QAD / G2 Amendment Record Sheet  01 2
 QM-QAD / G3 Controlled copyholders of PQP  01  3
 QM-QAD / G4  Controlled copyholders of ITP & Method statements  01 4
 QM-QAD / G5 Contents 02  5
 QM-QAD / G6 Declaration  01 7
 QM-QAD / G7 Glossary of Terms 01 8
 QM-QAD / G8 Scope, Purpose and Terms & Definitions 02 9
Quality Management System
 QM-QAD / 4.1  General requirements  02  11
 QM-QAD / 4.2.1 Documentation requirements 01  13
 QM-QAD / 4.2.3 Control of Documents 03  14
 QM-QAD /4.2.4 Control of Records 01  17
Management Responsibility
QM-QAD / 5.1 Management Commitment 01 18
QM-QAD/5.2&5.3 Customer focus & Quality policy 02 19
QM-QAD/ 5.4 Quality Planning & Quality objectives 01 20
QM-QAD / 5.5 Responsibility, authority & communication 07 22
QM-QAD/ 5.6 Management review 02 29
Resource management
QM-QAD / 6.0 Resource Management 01 31
Product Realization
QM-QAD / 7.0 Product realization 01 32
QM-QAD/ 7.2 Customer related processes 01 33
QM-QAD / 7.2.4 Design and development 01 34
QM-QAD / 7.4 Purchasing 01 34
QM-QAD / 7.5 Production and service system 02 36
QM-QAD/ 7.6 Control of monitoring and measuring devices 01 37
Measurement, analysis, and improvement
QM-QAD / 8.0 General, Customer satisfaction 01 38
QM-QAD / 8.2.2 Internal & external audit 01 39
QM-QAD / 8.2.3 Monitoring and measurement of processes 01 40
QM-QAD / 8.2.4 Monitoring and measurement of product 01 40
QM-QAD/ 8.3 Control of nonconforming product 01 41
QM-QAD/ 8.4 Analysis of data 01 42
QM-QAD/ 8.5 Improvement 01 42
QM-QAD/ 8.5.2 Corrective action 01 43
QM-QAD / 8.5.3 Preventive action 01 43
Annexure – 1 Corporate organization chart 01 43
Annexure – 2 Project organization chart 01 45
Annexure – 3 List of Method statements 01 46
Annexure – 4 List of Inspection & Test Plans 01 47
Annexure – 5 List of Quality Assurance Procedures 01 48
Annexure – 6 List of Forms & Records 01 49
Annexure – 7 Responsibility Matrix 01 50

This document and its contents are the property of (Name of Company Here). No part of this document can be reproduced in any form (including photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication).


SEVP Senior Executive Vice President
PD Project Director
FM Finance Manager
PM Project Manager
PE Project Engineer
HO Head Office
ITP Inspection And Test Plan
RFI Request For Inspection
JCR Job Cost Report
LPO Local Purchase Order
MIS Management Information System
TM Technical Manager
MPCS Management Planning & Control System
MR Management Representative
MRN Material Receipt Note
MTC Manufacturer’s Test Certificate
PEE Planning Engineer
P& M Plant & Machinery
PA Preventive Action
AM Accounts Manager
MEP Mechanical & Electrical Planning
PO Purchase Order
HR Human Resource
PQP Project Quality Plan
PR / MR Purchase Request / Material Requisition
PRE Procurement Engineer/Manager
QS Quantity Surveyor
QA / QC Quality Assurance / Quality Control
QA/QC(Site) QA / QC Engineer (Site)
QAR Quality Assurance Representative (HO)
QIR Quality Improvement Report
MS Method Statement
SH Section Head
STE Structural Engineer
ADM Administration
TC Test Certificate
WO Work Order
WPS Welding Procedure Specification
PQR Procedure Qualification Record
CH Head (Construction)

1.0 SCOPE:

1.1 General: This Project Quality plan has been prepared and formulated as a Management Summary of Quality related activities required to meet the terms of contract with (Project Name). This plan sets out the Management Practices, describes the Quality Management System and its relationship with (Name of Company Here) Quality Management System.

1.2 Application: The content of this document shall be applicable to all works carried out by (Name of Company Here) in connection with the above project. The scope/responsibility matrix is as per Annexure -7

1.3 Principle parties involved in the project:

OWNER – Name of Owner here

CONSULTANT – Name of Consultant here

CONTRACTOR – Name of Company here

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