Construction Project Quality Plan (PQP)

construction project quality plan (PQP)

What is Construction Project Quality Plan?

The Project Quality Plan (PQP) for construction work is a written plan which serves as the basis for the overall Project Quality Assurance System and identifies the Quality requirements, methods to achieve Project Quality objectives & continual improvements during the work execution.

This is different from a Company Quality Manual, which explains the quality policies and procedures in general, but not with information specific to each project.

What are the items dealt with this?

The Project Quality Plan (PQP) for Construction Work addresses the management of quality assurance activities such as the following:
1.0 Management Review Procedure
2.0 Internal & External Audit
3.0 Planning & Scheduling procedure
4.0 Project Progress Reporting Procedure
5.0 Pre-qualification Documents
6.0 Nonconformance Procedure/Control of Nonconformities
7.0 Document & Data Control procedure /Control of documents & data’s, receipts, correspondences, drawings, control of quality records.
8.0 Procurement Procedure
9.0 Material Control Procedure
10.0 Control of Inspection, Measurement & Testing Services
11.0 Laboratory & Sampling Procedure
12.0 Procedure for the Management of change
13.0 Corrective & Preventive Action Procedure
14.0 Design Measurement & Control Procedure

Alternatively, PQP is defined as:

A construction Project Quality Plan (PQP) is a structured document that outlines how you’ll handle quality on a particular construction project.
A company quality manual, on the other hand, outlines the quality policies and procedures in general but does not provide specifics unique to each project.
Clients may request a project quality control plan in a variety of ways. One way is if your contract specifies that you must apply a quality management plan. Another possibility is that your client approaches you and requests a quality plan.
Everyone needs your project quality control plan, organization quality manual, and standard operating procedures in the majority of cases.
A list of questions that your project quality control plan should address is given below. I’ve described forms you can include in your plan to offer your answers underneath each question. (e.g. the set of information your client wants).

Various document attachments for Construction Project Quality Plan

Construction Project Quality Plan

Who makes up the project quality assurance team?

Who makes up the project quality management team?

  • An organization chart

What qualifications do they have?

  • Appointment letters that spell out each team member’s responsibilities and authority.
  • Personnel Qualification Form confirming each team member’s skills and who authorized them
  • Each team member’s resume

What kind of preparation and training will you provide to ensure that your employees have the skills and knowledge required for this task? Can you teach your customer how to operate and maintain their equipment and processes? The quality system, quality assurance, quality practices, construction quality control plan and professional, and other training should all be included.

  • Training Plan detailing the training given and who got it.

Who are the project’s points of contact?

  • List of Contact Points

How can you ensure that all quality control-related knowledge and processes from the plan reach those who need it?

  • Communication Plan

When and to whom would you send what papers, processes, reports, and records?

  • Schedule and Log of Submittals

Project Specifications, Standards, and Process

What are the specifications and applicable standards required in the project?

What are the applicable regulatory codes and industry requirements for this project?

  • Building Regulatory Codes and Industry Standards Shape for Projects

Inspections and Tests for Specific Projects

What kinds of checks and evaluations are you going to do? What method would you use to keep track of each inspection and test?

  • Form for Inspection and Testing
  • Construction Task Type with Project Quality Plan

What measurement instruments need to be calibrated, and how much do they need to be calibrated?

  • Calibration Type for Measuring Devices

Purchasing for Projects

What credentials and services, such as licenses, insurance, and production capability, do your main subcontractors require? Also, how well does their service suit your needs?

  • Qualification Form for Subcontractors and Suppliers

What materials will they supply, and who are your trained suppliers?

  • Form for Supply Sources

What should be included in a project construction quality control plan?

Essentials Elements

Project staff

As a part of the customer requirements, every contractor should have a designated quality manager – the person in charge of the project’s quality control and quality assurance. Your client wants to know who this person is and what his or her duties and responsibilities are in terms of quality. In a way, include this information, as well as the person’s qualifications for the role, in your quality plan.

Although the quality manager is in charge of the project’s overall quality control and quality assurance, the project supervisors are in charge of the contractors’ daily field operations. Your quality management plan should detail the duties and responsibilities of your supervisors.

Have an organization map to demonstrate the quality manager’s and supervisor’s independence.

Effective Communication

Do you intend to have a kick-off meeting as well as regular production meetings to address quality issues? Will you be sending your client or customer files, test results, and forms? Then, as part of your quality procedures, you should have a quality communications plan that outlines the expected contact points with your client.

Surveillance for Quality Assurance (QA)

Many clients are concerned about what management can do to track overall quality and how they will ensure that quality controls are functioning properly.

With this in mind, your client will anticipate some kind of quality assurance (QA) monitoring. Will you be checking on the consistency of the project on a weekly or monthly basis? What would you be looking at? Include it in your construction quality plan so your client has a clear vision of how you’ll keep the project on track.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, and subcontractors

Outside organizations play an important role in providing supply, product, and completing building construction. Tell your client who your primary suppliers for materials and subcontractors.

What parameters do you use to choose your manufacturers, subcontractors, and suppliers? You most likely checked that they were capable of performing the work or providing materials, products, resources, and services in addition to the price.

Including the following in your quality process is always a smart idea:

  • Procedures for vetting that you adopted
  • List
  • Documents of qualifications are kept on file

Project Quality Control Standards

It goes without saying that you will follow your customer’s instructions. In certain cases, however, the requirements do not specify which building codes or industry standards apply to your activities. Make a record of them so that you don’t get confused about which versions of criteria apply.

Inspection and Test Plans

Inspecting phases of activities (for example steel structure erection) and performing tests to check material quality (such as concrete strength) or device operation is a standard part of any construction process (for example determined by leak test).

You should make documents of all the checks and tests that you plan to conduct during the construction stages. Include the inspection forms and test reports you’ll need when the time comes.

You must apply procedures for performing task inspections in most quality control plan specifications. Even if the client does not expressly request these procedures, it is a good practice to include them.

The following should be included in your inspection procedures:

Ascertain that the work area is ready to begin.

Perform material receiving and inspection

Monitoring the work areas in progress.

Check that the finished work meets the project’s requirements.

Controlling Nonconformances

Everyone knows that things go wrong in construction from time to time. How you will manage these circumstances should be discussed in your quality plan. Make it clear how you’ll handle nonconformances in order to maintain the project’s overall efficiency.

Parts of quality assurance are to make sure that the definition of controlling nonconformances excludes regular corrections and punch items, otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

Typical nonconformance procedures include:

  • Issues related to specifications, drawings, and method statements
  • Corrective actions

Project Completion Inspections

So far, all we’ve spoken about has been about individual people roles and phases of work. You should also talk about how you’ll perform a set of inspections and punch out near the end of the project in order to make sure the contracted work elements are done correctly.

What is a Construction Quality Assurance (QA) Plan?

The quality assurance processes evaluate how products and/or services are checked for quality and the items that need an inspection. The deliverables are usually reviewed for quality assurance to ensure that the goods meet the requirements of the customers. The review methods used to assess quality should be explained in the section of the QA plan. A business may use a variety of methods to decide whether a product meets its quality requirements. Internal project evaluations, inspections, and walkthroughs are all popular methods.
The goal of this plan is to give confidence in the ability to meet quality standards.

Final Thoughts

Clients are curious about how you can handle work efficiently. You’ll comply with their specifications by addressing project-specific, site-specific, and specific requirements in your project construction quality plan.

Project construction quality control plan proposals, on the other hand, are restricted in scope. As a result, make sure to devote time to creating and documenting the company’s quality control policies and procedures.

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Project Quality Plan (PQP) for Construction Work [Template]


1.Project Director(Name of Company Here)PD
2.Manager (QA / QC)(Name of Company Here)QAR
3.Technical Manager(Name of Company Here)TM
4.Construction Manager(Name of Company Here)CM
5.M.E.P.- Construction Manager(Name of Company Here)MEP.CM
6.Planning Engineer(Name of Company Here)PEE
7.QA/QC Engineer (Site)(Name of Company Here)QA/QC (Site)
8.Head (Construction)(Name of Company Here)EVP/P & C


1.Project Director(Name of Company Here)PD
2.Technical Manager(Name of Company Here)TM
3.Construction Manager(Name of Company Here)CM
4.QA/QC Engineer (Site)(Name of Company Here)QA/QC (Site)
5.Manager QA/QC(Name of Company Here)QAR
6.Project Engineer(Name of Company Here)PE
7.Site Engineer(Name of Company Here)SE


 QM-QAD / G1Cover Page 011
 QM-QAD / G2Amendment Record Sheet 012
 QM-QAD / G3Controlled copyholders of PQP 01 3
 QM-QAD / G4 Controlled copyholders of ITP & Method statements 014
 QM-QAD / G5Contents02 5
 QM-QAD / G6Declaration 017
 QM-QAD / G7Glossary of Terms018
 QM-QAD / G8Scope, Purpose and Terms & Definitions029
Quality Management System
 QM-QAD / 4.1 General requirements 02 11
 QM-QAD / 4.2.1Documentation requirements01 13
 QM-QAD / 4.2.3Control of Documents03 14
 QM-QAD /4.2.4Control of Records01 17
Management Responsibility
QM-QAD / 5.1Management Commitment0118
QM-QAD/5.2&5.3Customer focus & Quality policy0219
QM-QAD/ 5.4Quality Planning & Quality objectives0120
QM-QAD / 5.5Responsibility, authority & communication0722
QM-QAD/ 5.6Management review0229
Resource management
QM-QAD / 6.0Resource Management0131
Product Realization
QM-QAD / 7.0Product realization0132
QM-QAD/ 7.2Customer related processes0133
QM-QAD / 7.2.4Design and development0134
QM-QAD / 7.4Purchasing0134
QM-QAD / 7.5Production and service system0236
QM-QAD/ 7.6Control of monitoring and measuring devices0137
Measurement, analysis, and improvement
QM-QAD / 8.0General, Customer satisfaction0138
QM-QAD / 8.2.2Internal & external audit0139
QM-QAD / 8.2.3Monitoring and measurement of processes0140
QM-QAD / 8.2.4Monitoring and measurement of product0140
QM-QAD/ 8.3Control of nonconforming product0141
QM-QAD/ 8.4Analysis of data0142
QM-QAD/ 8.5Improvement0142
QM-QAD/ 8.5.2Corrective action0143
QM-QAD / 8.5.3Preventive action0143
Annexure – 1Corporate organization chart0143
Annexure – 2Project organization chart0145
Annexure – 3List of Method statements0146
Annexure – 4List of Inspection & Test Plans0147
Annexure – 5List of Quality Assurance Procedures0148
Annexure – 6List of Forms & Records0149
Annexure – 7Responsibility Matrix0150

This document and its contents are the property of (Name of Company Here). No part of this document can be reproduced in any form (including photocopying or storing in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication).


SEVPSenior Executive Vice President
PDProject Director
FMFinance Manager
PMProject Manager
PEProject Engineer
HOHead Office
ITPInspection And Test Plan
RFIRequest For Inspection
JCRJob Cost Report
LPOLocal Purchase Order
MISManagement Information System
TMTechnical Manager
MPCSManagement Planning & Control System
MRManagement Representative
MRNMaterial Receipt Note
MTCManufacturer’s Test Certificate
PEEPlanning Engineer
P& MPlant & Machinery
PAPreventive Action
AMAccounts Manager
MEPMechanical & Electrical Planning
POPurchase Order
HRHuman Resource
PQPProject Quality Plan
PR / MRPurchase Request / Material Requisition
PREProcurement Engineer/Manager
QSQuantity Surveyor
QA / QCQuality Assurance / Quality Control
QA/QC(Site)QA / QC Engineer (Site)
QARQuality Assurance Representative (HO)
QIRQuality Improvement Report
MSMethod Statement
SHSection Head
STEStructural Engineer
TCTest Certificate
WOWork Order
WPSWelding Procedure Specification
PQRProcedure Qualification Record
CHHead (Construction)

1.0 SCOPE:

1.1 General: This Project Quality Plan (PQP) has been prepared and formulated as a Management Summary of Quality related activities required to meet the terms of contract with (Project Name). This plan sets out the Management Practices, describes the Quality Management System and its relationship with (Name of Company Here) Quality Management System.

1.2 Application: The content of this document shall be applicable to all works carried out by (Name of Company Here) in connection with the above project. The scope/responsibility matrix is as per Annexure -7

1.3 Principle parties involved in the project:

OWNER – Name of Owner here

CONSULTANT – Name of Consultant here

CONTRACTOR – Name of Company here

To be continued………..

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