What is lean concrete and where it is used?

what is lean concrete

What is lean concrete in civil engineering?

Lean concrete is a mix in which the cement content is less than the amount of liquid present in the strata.

Lean concrete mix is the phrase used in the construction industry when less than 10% of the mix’s cement content actually exists. Concrete bends more when the aggregate to cement ratio is larger. Less paste is available to give smoothness, and aggregates per unit surface, and hence the mobility of the aggregate is constrained in lean solids.

Concrete mix made from lean concrete is low in cement and high in aggregates.

Concrete becomes leaner as the aggregate/cement ratio increases. Less paste is available for lubricating per unit surface of aggregate in lean concrete, which limits the mobility of the aggregate.

This is sometimes known as “not rich concrete,” which has a low cement to water and, of course, to aggregate ratio.

Characteristics of rich and normal concrete

Cement makes up more than 10% but less than 15% of normal concrete. A normal concrete with a cement percentage of about 14% is plain cement concrete with a mix ratio of 1:2:4. The main applications for normal concrete are floor finishing and damp proofing course.

More than 15% of cement is present in rich concrete. An example of rich concrete with an 18% content is a P.C.C mix (Plain Cement Concrete) of 1:1.5:3. Small structural components that can withstand heavier weights are built with this concrete.

paving lean concrete with concreter mix

Features of lean concrete

As far as civil construction is concerned, these concrete mixes are called lean concrete:

M5 Grade of Concrete → 1:5:10 (Cement:Sand:Aggregates) 5mpa – Strength

M10 Grade of Concrete 1:3:6 (Cement:Sand:Aggregates) 10mpa – Strength

M7.5 Grade of Concrete→ 1:4:8 (Cement:Sand:Aggregates) 7.5mpa – Strength

So generally, concrete mixes often employ 1:3:6, 1:4:8, and 1:5:10 mixtures.

Advantages of lean concrete

  1. The primary purpose is to give a uniform surface to the foundation concrete and to prevent direct contact with the soil.
  2. It is cast under the foundations.
  3. Serves as a level surface on which the main foundation (raft, isolated, or any other type) can be set.
  4. Another reason is to protect the main foundation from the soil below, as moisture and other chemicals in the soil, such as sulfates may attack concrete.

Its purpose to the foundation concrete

The primary purpose of lean concrete is to give the concrete foundation a uniform surface and to keep the foundation concrete from coming into clear contact with the soil. The foundations are constructed under lean concrete. It is useful for giving a level flat bottom on uneven or dirt terrain. It is used mostly for infill or beneath foundations because it contains less cement, keeping it shielded from the ground.

If you need a quality foundation and the entire structure as a whole, then use lean concrete.

lean concrete casting work


What is the minimum thickness of lean concrete?

In most cases 4 inches or 100 mm.

What is the PSI of lean concrete?

Concrete aggregate, sand, and enough cement are used to create lean concrete bases (LCB), which take seven days to reach a strength of 500 psi (3.5 MPa). Similar to concrete paving, mix design, testing, and inspection procedures are used.

finishing work of lean conrete surface

Does the lean concrete need curing?

Yes, it requires curing. After all, cement is a component of its construction. It could be said to be non-structural. However, since you have already spent enough on it and curing does add very little to the cost, it is always preferable to obtain its full strength.

What is the difference between lean and reinforced concrete?

The absence of reinforcing steel in lean concrete is what differs in reinforced concrete which is designed with structural bars.

casting of lean concrete

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dry lean concrete

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