You need to make concrete powder with sand, dye, and gravel and then place the concrete block in front of the water that is flowing or the source block. The concrete will immediately harden and then you’re good to go in the building.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a hugely loved game by gamers of all ages since it offers a unique way to express creativity and imagination. The most challenging aspect to play in understanding how to create intricate materials like concrete.  I have spent my early years playing the game, and I am here to offer the recipes you’ve been searching for.

This recipe is a straightforward one, however, there are more specific instructions on how to make the powder, what is able to be used to harden concrete and how to make use of the concrete blocks. Find out the best practices for making concrete in Minecraft.

how to craft concrete in minecraft

Concrete Powder Recipe

Minecraft is available in a variety of versions, and I’ll be sharing the concrete powder that came within the recent game’s update.

Making concrete powder is easy as there isn’t a particular place to put your ingredients on the table of crafting. If you have all of them then you can start to build.

The items you require include:

  • 4 blocks of sand
  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • 1 block of any dye

When you have the supplies mentioned above, open your table for crafting and place all the components atop in whatever order. This recipe can make eight blocks of cement powder which you can set anytime.

My favorite thing regarding concrete in Minecraft is the fact that you can make use of any dye coloring agent to tint your clay which means your building project is completely customizable.

The dye options available in Minecraft include red, orange-yellow, green, lime, light blue, cyan, purple, magenta, pink, black, brown, gray, light gray, or white. It is possible to obtain dyes through crafting, trading, or even smelting.

How to Harden Your Concrete

Once you have your concrete block powder, it’s time to set them in concrete blocks.

This is a very simple process and you’ll probably have the supplies needed to turn the powder into concrete.

The items you require include:

Concrete powder


For your concrete to harden to make it more durable, you need to place the water on top and then set your concrete close to it. This is all you need to do! Now, you’ve got a custom-designed block of concrete to construct with!

A thing to remember is that you are able to only harden concrete with water flowing or with the help of a source block. 

Concrete isn’t formed through the contact of a cauldron rain or even a water bottle, so make certain that you have a water block or be near the water’s edge in order to make your concrete.

Make Concrete Blocks

One of the more attractive blocks in Minecraft is the concrete block. It can be made easily and comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, the materials you need for it are things that are widely available and have little to no value.

Where Can You Find Concrete?

Concrete must be created using your crafting table because it is not naturally occurring in the world of Minecraft. To make concrete, all you need to do is gather some sand and gravel and wait for the magic to happen. The entire process, though, is divided into two parts.

Craft Concrete Powder

Concrete bricks cannot be directly crafted. Therefore, you must first prepare concrete powder by following these steps:

1. Gather four blocks each of Gravel, Sand, and any type of Dye.

2. Right-clicking the placed Crafting Table will open your crafting table.

crafting table in minecraft

3. Create a square block by placing four Sand and four Gravel.

4. In the center of the pieces, place the Dye. On the right side, you can see the powdered concrete.

5. Toss the Concrete Powder into your inventory after getting it.

Depending on the color dye you included in the crafting formula, the concrete powder emerges in that color. For instance, adding a red dye makes the concrete powder turn red; using a yellow dye turns the output yellow.

Converting Concrete Block from Concrete Powder Block

The development of the concrete powder is only beginning. And in order to convert it, you must:

1. Place the concrete powder in your Hot Bar after taking it out.

2. Place the block on the ground.

3. Use a Bucket of Water to wet the block, which will turn it into a concrete block. The concrete powder can also be modified by putting it in water.

bucket of water in minecraft

4. Use a Pickaxe to break the block.

pickaxe breaking the block in minecraft

Note: If you attempt to smash the concrete block with anything else, it will be destroyed without being recovered.

Concrete Blocks Usage

Concrete blocks are utilized to build anything you can imagine, from structures to moats, roads Concrete is a very useful material to build with.

Concrete is a material with a hardness of 1.8 and blast resistance of 1.8 also. It is, therefore, more durable to build than stone (another well-known building material) however it has a blast resistance that is significantly less. If you’re building for purpose and not just for the style I suggest using stone to strengthen your structure.

When it comes to vibrant tools for crafting, concrete is the preferred method to go.

First, it’s extremely simple to make, since gravel, sand, and dye are available abundantly.

The second reason is that it’s the ideal combination of strong and vibrant building materials. The other two of the most vibrant material for building are terracotta as well as wool, both of which have big disadvantages.

Terracotta is considerably stronger than concrete as concrete has a hardness as well as blast resistance of 1.8 and terracotta has a hardness of 1.25 and a blast resistance that is 4.2.

But, terracotta won’t give you the same color that concrete can. Similar to concrete, terracotta can be dyed in all 16 colors of dye, however, dyed terracotta looks boring and earthy. Concrete dyed is as colorful as wool.

In terms of wool, concrete is a clear alternative to wool in construction. The blast resistance and hardness of wool are only 0.8 which is a distinct advantage over wool’s 1.8 hardness and lower blast resistance of concrete.

It is possible to say “I use wool for the vibrancy, not for the durability & strength!” However, this is not an issue for concrete- unlike terracotta, dyed concrete is just as pure in color as wool but does not have the same flammability or weakness.

Tips and Tricks to Make Concrete in Minecraft

If you’ve learned the best way to create concrete using Minecraft and the reasons to choose it over other materials that are colorful I’d like to share some helpful tips on this fantastic material.

One thing you should be aware of about concrete is the way it breaks. Contrary to wool, wood, and other substances, concrete cannot be damaged by anything if you are going to collect it. It must be broken using a pickaxe, or there will be no collection blocks popping up. If you’re looking to save or transfer it from one spot to another, you must be certain that you have a pickaxe in hand in order to cut it.

The breaking time for blocks made of concrete is 9 seconds. This is comparatively lengthy when compared to wood (1.45) or stone (0.7) or iron (0.45) Therefore, make sure you break them prior to nighttime, or you could end up in a situation where you do not want to find yourself in.

Concrete stacks at least 64 bricks in different colors.

Concrete isn’t flammable, even when it is dropped into the lava. A moat of lava around your Minecraft structure is an excellent and unique feature and can be achieved by using concrete.

Concrete is not transparent, which is why it is ideal for walls, staircases, and floors.

The concrete powder can fall like dirt and sand when it is not surrounded by anything underneath it, however, the hardened concrete will remain in place.

Although lava isn’t water, it is liquid, which is why concrete powder will solidify to concrete when it is placed in the lava. It is an important idea to have in mind when you are traveling across a river or lake of lava.

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