method statement for solar panel installation

Purpose The purpose of this method statement for solar panel is to describe the sequential approach for the installation of PV Modules in accordance with the contract requirements. This method statement shall ensure that the installation is executed safely. This aims to ensure that quality assurance and quality control activitiesContinue Reading

method statement for lifting activity

Objective The Method Statement for Lifting Activity ensures that lifting, moving, and shifting materials at the project site are covered by a Safe System of Work. This is the best way to demonstrate that the risk associated has been carefully considered and appropriate controls have been implemented. The health andContinue Reading

method statement for fireproofing

Purpose This method statement for fireproofing works describes the construction and control actions to be done to meet the requirements for lightweight concrete fireproofing works on structures and equipment skirt/support. Scope The general specifications for materials and workmanship for all structural and equipment skirt/support lightweight fireproofing works are covered inContinue Reading

method statement for roof works

What is the Method Statement for Roof Works? A method statement for roof works gives a company the ability to describe the codes of conduct and standard procedures followed when performing roofing activities. It also lists several known risks and the controls implemented to manage roofing safety on their worksitesContinue Reading

method statement for marble cladding

This Method Statement for marble wall cladding describes the steps involved in the installation in accordance with approved shop drawings, quality, and safety requirements. Scope of Works This method covers the application of marble and granite works as wall cladding for both exterior and interior areas. All works shall beContinue Reading

method statement for demolition works

Introduction-Method Statement for Demolition Works This method statement for demolition works of building such as soft stripping, scaffold erection, demolition, foundation/hard standing removal, and crushing to a certified 6F2 aggregate is detailed for the agreed-upon works at the site. The facility is surrounded by its own perimeter fence. The existingContinue Reading

chemical flushing for chilled water system

Flushing Procedure For Chilled Water System & Chemical Treatment What is chemical flushing for chilled water system? Chilled water or cooling water system is often a closed system that necessitates strict monitoring and control of a number of parameters. As water evaporates during circulation, the suspended particle concentration rises, resulting inContinue Reading