What is the 2020 Civil Engineering Board Exam in the Philippines? The 2020 Civil Engineering Board Exam-Philippines, also called Philippine Civil Engineering Licensure Examination, is the professional licensure examination for incoming civil engineers in the Philippines.The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) through the Republic Act No. 544 (As Amended by R.A.Continue Reading


Method Statement for Dewatering System [Template] 1. IntroductionThis Method Statement for Dewatering System defines the sequence and the control procedures to be followed for the dewatering of xxxxx project. What is dewatering? Dewatering is described as the control of surface and subsurface hydrologic environments so as to permit the constructionContinue Reading


This method statement defines the methodology for execution of backfilling and compaction procedure related to earthwork & to describe the sequence of activities, utilization of resources, documents & drawings involved, maintaining & recording documents & data to meet project specific & contractual obligations and risk assessment for the activities involved.Continue Reading

method statement for excavation

What is the method statement for excavation (Open-cut excavation up to formation level)? This method statement for excavation defines the sequence and control procedures to be followed for excavation works (Open-cut excavation up to formation level) in the construction projects. This process also provides practical guidance to manage health andContinue Reading

method statement installation tower crane

This Method Statement for Tower Crane Installation can be converted into template which can be use as part of the submission for QA documentation particularly of tower crane utilization in construction project. This Method Statement for Tower Crane Installation defines the sequence and describes the control procedures to be followedContinue Reading

method statement for installation of cable trays,ladders and trunking system

Table of Contents 1. Purpose 2. Scope 3. System Description4. Definitions 5. References 6. Abbreviations 7. Responsibilities 8. Resources 9. Procedure 10. Health Safety and Environment11. Quality Assurance and Quality Control 12. Attachments1. PURPOSE This Method Statement formalizes the requirements for the Installation of Cable Trays, Ladders, and Trunking System.Continue Reading