This testing and commissioning of fire alarm system covers the on-site installation as defined in the project specifications and approved shop drawings. Scope of work The scope of work involves the programming, testing, and commissioning of the fire detection systems. References Project specificationsApproved fire alarm shop drawingsManufacturer recommendations/ installations instructionProjectContinue Reading


The Method Statement for Plate Heat Exchanger Installation defines the guidelines and methodology to be followed while performing construction by complying with project specifications and safety requirements. Scope The step covers the detailed procedure for the installation of Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) for the chilled water system that includes theContinue Reading


The Method Statement for Sump Pump defines the specified materials are installed and the agreed procedure is implemented as per quality, project specifications, and health, safety & environment requirements. Scope This method statement covers the installation procedures for the following type of GRUNDFOS Storm Water Submersible Pumps: SLV Model HereContinue Reading


This Method Statement for Laying Kerbs, Precast Concrete Barriers, & Paver Interlock Blocks Installation defines the sequence, quality procedures, and health, safety & environment (HSE) requirements to be followed for the implementation of the activity. References Project Specifications (Vehicle Crash Barriers)Project Specifications (Kerbs, Footways, and Paved Areas)Health, Safety, and EnvironmentContinue Reading


The method statement for transformer defines the installation of oil-type transformers as per quality procedure, project specifications, and health, safety & environmental requirements. Scope of Work The scope of this document includes, but not limited to the following:a) Methodology for installation of transformersb) Equipment usedc) Inspection and Test Plansd) HSEContinue Reading

method statement fire protection equipment

Scope of Work This Method Statement for Fire Protection Equipment defines the execution for the installations in accordance with the relevant reference standards, project specifications, approved shop drawings, and health, safety & environment (HSE) requirements.The installation contractors are required to follow this method statement at all times during the wholeContinue Reading

Method Statement for Stand Pipes, Sprinkler Pipes & Accessories Installations

Scope of Work This Method Statement for Standpipes, Sprinkler Pipes, and Accessories defines the execution for installation in accordance with the relevant reference standards, project specifications, approved shop drawings, and health, safety & environment requirements. The contractor shall ensure that the safe work systems resulting from the Risk Assessments areContinue Reading

method statement AHU (air handling units)

PURPOSE This Method Statement for AHU defines the installation of Air Handling Units, documentation, and responsibilities for controlling the activity of the project as specified in specifications and health, safety & environment (HSE) requirements. This method covers the equipment setting procedures and installation technique utilizing the method statement of AHUContinue Reading


The Method Statement for Blinding defines the rules to be applied during all the blinding concrete (or lean concrete) activities to ensure that all the works are properly executed in accordance with project specifications, applicable standards, and health, safety & environment requirements. Methodology A. Pre-pour Concrete Works: Prior to commencingContinue Reading