Types of Industrial Concrete Floor Epoxy Coatings

There are various types of concrete floor coatings. The most popular coating used in industrial settings is epoxy. The durable coating is available in various colors and comes with a polished, smooth finish. Moreover, cementitious urethane finish provides a unique antimicrobial solution for health facilities, restaurants, and food processing facilities.Continue Reading

method statement for cathodic protection system

1. What is method statement for cathodic protection system installation? The method statement for cathodic protection system defines the procedure for the installation in compliance to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), quality, local and international regulations. 2. Scope This method statement for cathodic identifies the works general steps, arrangements involvedContinue Reading

method statement for GRP pipe installation

1. Purpose This method statement for GRP formalizes the requirements for installation and testing of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) pipes & fittings for the underground external stormwater networks. The specifications, procedures, and guidelines contained in this method statement specify the technical requirements to be followed and also act as aContinue Reading

method statement for non-shrink grouting

This method statement for non-shrink grouting defines the work techniques, guidelines, as well as safety and quality standards for the use of non-shrink grout for applicable areas. Scope All grouting applications are covered under the scope of work for this procedure for the following area of applications:Base platesMachine bases, base-platesContinue Reading

Portland Cement Concrete Rigid Pavement PCCP Method Statement

Scope The Portland Cement Concrete Rigid Pavement-PCCP Method Statement shall consist of the following: construction of unreinforced, dowel jointed, plain cement concrete pavement following specifications, quality, and in accordance with the lines, grades, and cross-sections shown on the approved drawings. Plant and equipment, materials, and labor shall be furnished, andContinue Reading