method statement for HDPE pipe

I. Description of Works The method statement for HDPE installation defines the steps to be followed in order to ensure that pipelinewelding, laying, and associated works are performed as per project specifications, HSE, and quality requirements. HDPE pipes are commonly used for many different purposes including water supply for citiesContinue Reading

method statement central battery system

The Method Statement For Central Battery System (CBS) Installation describes the sequential approach as outlined in the project contract requirements which ensures that safety, quality assurance, and quality control are implemented by the contractor. References This method statement is subject to the requirements as stated in the following regulatory &Continue Reading

method statement for water heater installation

The Method Statement for Water Heater Installation describes how the supply and installation of water heaters and related accessories should be done in a safe way as per HSE and project requirements.Likewise, all quality assurance and control activities are conducted in a systematic way, where works are inspected to ensureContinue Reading

method statement for split AC

This method statement of split AC units installation ensures that specified materials are installed and agreed procedures are implemented during the execution of work. This MST defines the documentation and responsibilities for controlling the project quality and HSE requirements. Scope This method statement is intended to outline the activities andContinue Reading


The Method Statement for CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System) defines the documentation and responsibilities for controlling the installation of CCTV systems for the project as specified in project specifications and instructions. The method statement ensures that the specified material is installed and agreed procedures are implemented during the execution ofContinue Reading


This testing and commissioning of fire alarm system covers the on-site installation as defined in the project specifications and approved shop drawings. Scope of work The scope of work involves the programming, testing, and commissioning of the fire detection systems. References Project specificationsApproved fire alarm shop drawingsManufacturer recommendations/ installations instructionProjectContinue Reading


The Method Statement for Plate Heat Exchanger Installation defines the guidelines and methodology to be followed while performing construction by complying with project specifications and safety requirements. Scope The step covers the detailed procedure for the installation of Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE) for the chilled water system that includes theContinue Reading