are there studs in concrete walls

Studs in concrete walls-are they necessary? Studs are a type of framing used to keep a structure in place. It’s most commonly found in walls composed of drywall or similar materials. Concrete walls, on the other hand, appear to be different. Concrete walls use reinforcing steel or rebars for strength andContinue Reading

method statement for demolition works

Introduction-Method Statement for Demolition Works This method statement for demolition works of building such as soft stripping, scaffold erection, demolition, foundation/hard standing removal, and crushing to a certified 6F2 aggregate is detailed for the agreed-upon works at the site. The facility is surrounded by its own perimeter fence. The existingContinue Reading

chemical flushing for chilled water system

Flushing Procedure For Chilled Water System & Chemical Treatment What is chemical flushing for chilled water system? Chilled water or cooling water system is often a closed system that necessitates strict monitoring and control of a number of parameters. As water evaporates during circulation, the suspended particle concentration rises, resulting inContinue Reading

method-statement of screeding / topping

This article will discuss Method Statement of Screeding works | Pouring on Slab | Work procedure for screed works | How to Pour Concrete Screed on Slab | Method Statement for Concrete Topping | Screeding Method | method statement for screed works | Floor Screeding Method Scope of Works ThisContinue Reading

method statement for public address system

Purpose This method statement describes the sequential approach for the installation of the Public Address System as per the contract requirements. This method statement aims to ensure that quality assurance and quality control activities are adopted in a systematic manner in accordance with project specifications. References This method statement isContinue Reading