method statement for construction of manhole

What is the Method Statement for Construction of Manhole? This Method Statement for Construction of Manhole Chambers, Bases, and Appurtenances is the systematic procedure in safely performing the detailed installation of precast manholes and appurtenances ensuring that quality control objectives are maintained. This method statement also covers, in brief, theContinue Reading

method statement elv system

What is Method Statement for ELV (Extra Low Voltage) System -Underground External? This Method Statement for ELV (Extra Low Voltage) system defines the procedures for the installation of external underground ELV services up to tie-in point/access control panels of the building ensuring that job execution complies with the Project Specifications,Continue Reading

plate load test method statement

What is Plate Load Test Method Statement? Plate load test method statement is a description that ensures necessary precautions, health & safety risks have been identified and safety systems are put in place during the testing activity in determining the ultimate load bearing capacity of soil over the in-situ condition.Continue Reading

method statement for precast

Purpose of Method Statement for Precast Concrete Fabrication and Installation The purpose of this method statement for precast concrete fabrication and installation is to establish systematic procedures in performing safely the detailed precast methodology and ensuring that quality control objectives are maintained with accurate established records for all construction activitiesContinue Reading

method statement for waterproofing system

The method statement for waterproofing is the work procedures and means of controlling specific health and safety risks involved in installing the waterproofing system composed of keyed pre-formed sheet waterproofing applied below the base slabs and sides of the base slab for concrete structures like tunnels, car parks and otherContinue Reading

method statement for anti-carbonation paint

The method statement for anti-carbonation coating defines the control procedures, technical details covering surface preparation, pre-application, during application and completion of application method, to achieve the optimum performance for the specified anti-carbonation treatment used in concrete substrates. What is anti-carbonation coating?Anti-carbonation coating is surface treatment primarily used to protect theContinue Reading


What is method statement for sheet piling? The method statement for sheet piling describes the procedures and methodology for the installation of sheet piles which serve as excavation support and earth retention during the project construction stage. What is the difference between the bored piling and sheet piling?Bored piling isContinue Reading


What is the 2020 Civil Engineering Board Exam in the Philippines? The 2020 Civil Engineering Board Exam-Philippines, also called Philippine Civil Engineering Licensure Examination, is the professional licensure examination for incoming civil engineers in the Philippines.The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) through the Republic Act No. 544 (As Amended by R.A.Continue Reading