method-statement of screeding / topping

This article will discuss Method Statement of Screeding works | Pouring on Slab | Work procedure for screed works | How to Pour Concrete Screed on Slab | Method Statement for Concrete Topping | Screeding Method | method statement for screed works | Floor Screeding Method Scope of Works ThisContinue Reading

method statement for public address system

Purpose This method statement describes the sequential approach for the installation of the Public Address System as per the contract requirements. This method statement aims to ensure that quality assurance and quality control activities are adopted in a systematic manner in accordance with project specifications. References This method statement isContinue Reading

method statement for LPG

What is the method statement of LPG? The method statement of LPG defines the installation including testing & commissioning works for the LPG system. This methodology ensures that all works are carried out in a safe manner, quality, specifications, and approved shop drawings. References Installation of LPG System shall beContinue Reading

method statement of potable water / fire water network

1. Purpose This method statement of potable water/firewater networks defines the installation and testing as per specifications, procedures, & HSE requirements. This method statement specifies the technical requirements to be followed and also acts as a reference to clearly establish defined standards for work assessment. Moreover, this document shall provideContinue Reading

method statement of sanitary wares

What is method statement of sanitary wares, fittings & accessories installation? The method statement of sanitary wares, fittings & accessories installation describes the method of supply and installation works executed in a safe manner and in accordance with the project requirements. All quality assurance/control activities are carried out in aContinue Reading

method statement for building management system BMS

What is the method statement for BMS (Building Management System)? The method statement for BMS – Building Management System identifies the materials, procedures, and requirements for installation, storage, handling, and cable testing system. This method statement ensures that quality control objectives are maintained, and accurate records are established for allContinue Reading

method statement for cathodic protection system

1. What is method statement for cathodic protection system installation? The method statement for cathodic protection system defines the procedure for the installation in compliance to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), quality, local and international regulations. 2. Scope This method statement for cathodic identifies the works general steps, arrangements involvedContinue Reading